Industrial AI Startup Aquant Raises $10 Million

Aquant develops and markets machine learning software that mines historical data for insights that can shorten machinery downtime

Israeli Defense Contractor IAI Builds Laser Cannon

Israel planned to use a laser technology to defend against long and short-range threats, but a development project was stopped in its tracks over a decade ago, and the Iron Dome was developed instead

Portugal and Spain gave 10,000 passports to Sephardic new citizens since 2015

Largest group of applicants came from Turkey, followed by Latin America and Israel; Spain extends window for application until October 2019

Russia offers to mediate between Israel and the Palestinians

Lavrov says no stability in the region until Palestinian issue resolved; offer comes as sides wait for long-expected launch of Trump peace plan

Arab world prefers stability in Israel


Bennett drops ultimatum despite cold shoulder from PM, keeping coalition afloat

In about-face, Jewish Home leader heaps criticism on Netanyahu’s defense policies but says he will nevertheless ‘stand by his side’

Let me get on with my job: How Netanyahu dwarfed his political rivals within

Liberman was savoring the anticipated revival of his fortunes; Bennett was sure he was onto a win-win. The prime minister had other ideas

Haley promotes UN resolution against Hamas

After the US opposed the annual draft resolution at the UN calling on Israel to rescind its authority in the Golan Heights, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley is expected to submit a draft resolution at the General Assembly, harshly condemning the terror organization.

Bennett, Shaked stay in the government despite threats to resign

Despite threats to quit if Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn’t give him the defense portfolio, the Bayit Yehudi leader decides to remain in the coalition; ‘There’s no apocalypse on the way. If the prime minister is serious in his words, I tell him: we remove all of our political demands and will aid you so Israel returns to winning,’ Bennett says.

Ministers confirm Amir Yaron as next Bank of Israel governor

Israeli-American economist thanks cabinet for ‘tremendous honor,’ hails predecessor Karnit Flug for ‘handing me a wonderfully managed institution’